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Here is our story and the current state of Lectrium from our founders Peter Barba & Ziggy Zabieta

10 June, 2024

Lectrium: All-in to Become Dealerships’ Go-To EV Partner

Today marks a major milestone for Lectrium as we double-down our focus on helping dealerships sell electric vehicles across the United States.

With this commitment from Lectrium, we are proud to share new branding, an updated logo, and a narrower product focus which exists to assist dealerships with this colossal industry transformation.

When we started Lectrium, we knew the United States had a lot of ground to cover to enable the switch to electric vehicles. We decided to focus on home charging as our primary product and belief, often stating that “every single family home in the US will eventually have a Level 2 charger.” We still believe this to be true, however during the journey, we realized just how much there is to solve in the EV space, and after testing out multiple products for the past two and a half years, our niche in the EV puzzle emerged.

Over 18,000 franchise dealerships and over 20,000 more independent dealerships across the US are transforming their businesses to enable the switch to electric vehicles.

This has not been easy, and is probably the biggest change for dealerships in their 100+ year history. Dealerships are investing millions of dollars into DC fast chargers, updating showrooms, training their staff, and more. At Lectrium, we are here to take this next step in the electrification journey with dealerships by transforming their digital assets (namely, their websites) and processes to make selling an EV a pleasure rather than a hassle.

The automotive industry is massive, and we are here to build partnerships to make the smooth transition to EVs a reality. We are proud to be a partner and exhibitor of NADA and Digital Dealer and have recently been featured on ASOTU.

Our team is here to help dealerships take the next step in their EV journey because electric vehicles are not only a new business opportunity but a cleaner and healthier future for our families and planet.

- Peter & Ziggy

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